Certified Spiritual Healing Training Program 2021 - 2022

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Certified Spiritual Healing Training Program 2021 - 2022

Starts 18,19th September 2021

Course Details:

Start: 18,19th September 2021 (9am to 5pm both Saturday and Sunday)

Duration: 2 days per module (9 modules)

Cost: €300 for each module from September to December, €150 for the December training module, €300 for each module from January to May

Total investment: €2,550 for the 9 months of training, paid by monthly installments as shown above. Course fees can be paid directly to the course director on the morning of the course or in advance via Direct debit.

Spaces limited: ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT !

Venue: 29 Ard Breeda, Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland


The Intention of the Course:

Is to provide a sacred space in which a person with no previous experience in healing can begin to explore the depths of their own soul, spirit, mind, body and world in a safe and deeply loving way. The course is designed to teach each person all the steps  they need to come "home" to themselves while learning multiple Spiritual Healing techniques to heal themselves and facilitate healing in others.

The purpose of this course is as follows:

  1. To facilitate a spiritual awakening in each course participant so they can step into their  spiritual path and become familiar with the working of their own unique soul.
  2. To deepen your own intuition and be guided by this profound source of wisdom
  3. Learn to listen to the revelations of your heart and become people who are heart centred and soul driven.
  4. Through meditation and self exploration exercises you will get to "know thyself", freeing you up from all the mental or emotional or world baggage that binds you so hard,keeping you small and limited.
  5. Now is the time to take the limits off yourself, run free, fall in love with life and let your spirit be free.
  6. To work with the healing power of laughter which is the signature of the Divine creator and allow God's healing grace to flow through you bring you back to ease, joy and happiness.
  7. To learn the tools to erase all personal, energetic and ancestral imprints so you can "become" all your soul came to be, evolving through service, peace, prayer, charity and inner reflection.

Course Contents:

You will be:

  • locating, learning and working with the I AM principle
  • working with your pineal gland to connect you with your present and future while healing the past
  • connecting with your own unique soul radiance and activate it in ways to bring forth your best self and the creation of a life of peace, joy, contentment and bliss
  • learning the difference between your soul and spirit and how they individually influence every aspect of your being and your life
  • immersing yourself in deep discussion on what are the Divine graces of trust, wisdom, understanding, listening, intuition, forgiveness,letting go, love and healing are all about and how to bring more of those very same graces into your life
  • working with the Illumination process and your soul magnificence as part of your learning how to heal yourself while working in alignment with God's Divine will for you
  • you will be exploring the Chakras in a deeply spiritual way and working to bring your own chakra system back into balance and harmony on a daily basis
  • you will be learning to identify and work the 7 levels of your fields of Grace while understanding the mystical truths of the tree of life and it is reflected onto your soul's radiance
  • each module you will be learning a whole array of hands on healing techniques to utilise to heal your soul, spirit, mind, body, and the world you occupy
  • you will be immersing yourself in morning and evening meditations while in class and will be having meditation class throughout the month on zoom to help you integrate more deeply what you have learnt in class
  • you will be doing lots of self exploration exercises each weekend which will help you become clearer about the life you wish to truly create and how to remove the roadblocks to getting there
The huge advantage of this course is that it is only one weekend per month so you are learning in a slow and gentle way which helps greatly to integrate the practices into your life in ways that are effortless and wonderfully beneficial to your entire life.

Requirements for the course:

  • St. Brigid's healing Blanket is recommended to purchase as part of the course. This can be discussed with the trainer at the beginning of the course or prior to the course via phone.
  • 3 Healing Clothes which can be purchased from the School before commencing the course or on the morning you commence the course.
  • A crystal or wooden pendulum 
  • pen and paper and colouring pencils 
  • St. Brigid's healing blanket if you have one otherwise you can use one of the school's blankets.
  • pair of fleece socks or a slippers 
  • hand sanitizer - each student will bring their own which works best for their skin. Hand sanitizers will be provided throughout the school.
  • A lever file for our module handouts 
  • Bring your own lunch - tea, coffee, herbal tea and homemade scones will be provided

Who is this course open to:
It is open to everyone, if you are a therapist already and want to upgrade your skill sets this course is for you. If you are a therapist and are looking for a gentler way to work with your clients then this course is definitely for you.  if you are someone who has never dipped their toes into healing before and are curious about healing as well as having a rich deep desire to go "within yourself and meet your own Divinity within'. Are you curious to know what God and his helpers are saying about you? It's all within you waiting for you to go in and listen!. All the answers are within you. This is your time to go within and be deeply surprised, held and illuminated and healed. The invitation to explore is your now, the door is open, come on in and discover a whole new world, a whole new perspective and whole new you


Course Dates:

  • Sep 18th and 19th (Module 1)
  • Oct 16th and 17th (Module 2)
  • Nov 13th and 14th (Module 3)
  • Dec 11th - continuous assessment of section one (Module 4)
  • Jan 15th and 16th (Module 5)
  • Feb 12th and 13th (Module 6)
  • Mar 12th and 13th (Module 7)
  • Apr 9nd and 10th (Module 8)
  • May 14th and 15th (Module 9)
marguerite brady


Marguerite Brady is a facilitator of African Foot, Hand, Baby, Child, Teenager and Elderly Reflexology which she created by combining Classical Reflexology and Universal Technique Reflexology. Marguerite has been working as a therapist and a teacher for nearly 20 plus years.

She started her career as a General Nurse in 1989 and specialized in an Oncology Nurse and it was from there that her passion for Holistic Medicine and a holistic approach to living began.

She combines her medical background with her holistic practice to treat each person living any ailments as a whole persons and not as a series of symptoms that need to be corrected.

The therapies Marguerite has been offering and sharing with the general public and students alike include Ki Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Homeopathy, Iridology, Reiki, Acupressure, Shamanic healing, Indian head Massage, the bars.

Marguerite has a special connection with the Divine and facilitates Spiritual healing as well as a channel for St. Brigid of Ireland wisdom, healing, protection and blessings.

She is a wonderful teacher, passionate and knowledgeable, very precise in her technique delivery and makes this course accessible and a most enjoyable learning experience. See Marguerite's Courses

Her training manuals are extremely comprehensive and she offers Professional DVDs to each student to purchase as part of the training program workshops.

Marguerite can be contacted by email, text or phone.


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