"The Gift of Love through the Feet" - presented by Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer 16th May 2019

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"The Gift of Love through the Feet" - presented by Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer

16th May 2019

Course Details:

Start: 16 May 2019 (Thursday)
Duration: 1 day (9.30 - 16.30)
Cost: £85
Venue: Lough Rea Hotel, Loughrea, Co. Galway

Brief Description of the day:

Every year Chris enthusiastically shares fascinating insights into healing and health - bringing mind, body and spirit to life in a meaningful and light-hearted manner

…and 2019 is no exception.

This year, "The Gift of Love through the Feet" reveals how love will always be one of the greatest mysteries of life - yet it doesn’t need to be elusive!

Love does indeed "cure all ills"

Not loving oneself is the sole cause of dis-ease – the infamous uneasiness within.
To get better at being oneself, all those pesky
negative and unloving thoughts, threatening beliefs and critical inner voices need to be dealt with. But how?

This is where feet step in! Frequently taken for granted – despite  being the body’s "spoke persons" - they provide clues as to how to overcome the many adversities encountered on the journey through life. They know that no situation is so dire, no challenge so great, and no choice so bewildering that it cannot be overcome – through love.

Love cannot hurt – it does not know how – it is the lack of love that causes so much heartache and pain. Love is far more powerful than any negative emotion - encompassing so much more than can be imagined. Yet, the lessons are many.

Feet are "love’s tool" – together they offer a foundation of strength – a source of trust and faith – a cushion against aches and pains - a source of knowledge in times of questioning. All the love, happiness, security and stability ever wished for are within and can never be taken away.

An inexhaustible resource - our "Soul" and "sole" Mate - true love is the ultimate gift. When given generously - with sincerity – life becomes easier – health improves – and happiness abounds.  

Chris’s presentation – as always – is filled with incredibly valuable in-sights – providing every-body from all walks of life with a wonderful opportunity to gain further Universal knowledge - absolutely essential for those wishing to empower themselves and others - to make a much-needed world of difference.

Come and put up your feet and find out more!


Lunches are available from the Lough Rea Hotel for €10 for a Full Lunch or €7 for Soup and Sandwiches



To secure your place in the course you need to forward a full payment of £85 AN POST STERLING DRAFT, made payable to C.L.FRYER

All monies to be sent to the Organiser:

Marguerite Brady
Parkroe, Kinvara
Co. Galway
H91 YD0P

marguerite brady


Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer


Chris Stormer-Fryer is from South Africa and is affectionately known as the Universal Foot Lady. She is "hot footing" it back to Ireland on May 16th to share with you all her amazing insights into what is really going on beneath the surface.

She does this is such a light hearted, sincere and kind way, that in the 28 years she has been sharing this information worldwide is bound to be even better in 2019.

As a recognised world authority and popular author of 8 books on Natural Health and Healing, Chris uses this acclaim along with her wealth of medical knowledge and universal knowledge plus her extensive worldwide experiences to bring greater understanding to what is "really a foot".

Her vibrant, effervescent spirit inspires many as she encourages individuals to recognise their Divine uniqueness and become their authentic selves for a more rewarding and enriching way of life and living.

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