Ancestral Healing Workshop with Fr. Jim Cogley 8th May 2019

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Ancestral Healing Workshop with Fr. Jim Cogley

8th May 2019

Course Details:

Start: 8 May 2019

Duration: 1 day (10.00 - 16.00)

Cost: €50 (to be paid on the day)

Venue: Croi Nua, Taylors Hill, Galway

Course Description:

Ancestral healing or family tree healing is the process of dealing with those dynamics within the family psyche which are a source of dysfunctional behaviour leading to problems in the lives of those concerned.
Unlike genetically transmitted family traits, these connections can be dealt with at an energetic and spiritual level by the present generation, leaving past, present and future generations free of their power.

Identification of the meaning and origin of these destructive patterns can lead us into a healing process that frees us to make new choices of how we live and relate in the present.

Our family scripts, a dynamic out of which we live our lives, often at an unconscious level, are deeply influenced by the legacy left behind by our ancestors.

These scripts may include both very useful ways of approaching life leaving us a wisdom worth appreciating and integrating but also they can be distorted ways of thinking that may have evolved out of difficult situations in the past that were never resolved.

The core issue may go back several generations.
This distorted way of thinking can become embedded in the family psyche resulting in the same dynamic being set up time and time again and so we discover that the same misfortunes that our forebears endured are found to repeat themselves in future generations.

Coming closer to home, within the Christian tradition in Ireland, we also find a deep rooted custom of praying for ‘the dead’.
The custom is an ancient one and relates back to our Celtic heritage.
It is a custom that is observed by many in Ireland today in the midst of the reality where many religious traditions are considered to be no longer relevant. We still need to bury our dead with prayer and ritual.

We still remember our loved ones on anniversaries and the month of November is still observed as a special time, a time when the veil between this world and the next is especially thin, a time when many pray for eternal rest on the souls of family members who have gone before them.

Influence of Ancestors on Present Generation

For many of us we may find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possibly have anything to do with what is happening to them today” and yet paying attention to the work that is being done at this level, listening to the experience of those engaged with this way of working and the healing stories told by those who have travelled this journey, then, I suggest, that as professional psychotherapists, we need to wonder about finding a way to integrate this aspect of our human relating that crosses time and space, into our work with clients.

This is an area where the spiritual aspect of our humanness is entered into and is an important area to be considered as we journey with our clients "seeking to attain integration in the wholeness of body, feelings, intellect, psyche and spirit, and in relation to other people".

Come to this inspiring, thought provoking, healing and releasing workshop where Fr. Jim Cogley who is an expert in Ancestral Healing will help you unravel your family tree so healing can be infused in its root, spread up its trunk and product new fruits of union, compassion, forgiveness, blessings, mercy, acceptance, allowance, peace, laughter, sacred union, cooperation, support, letting go and so on – the fruits for all seasons.

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Fr. Jim Cogley

Fr. Jim Cogley is a psychotherapist and wood-turner with over thirty years experience.

He was one of the early leaders in the Charismatic Renewal Movement in Ireland. Based in the picturesque village of Oylegate in Co. Wexford, his particular interest is that of Healing, both personal and intergenerational, and how the past that is unacknowledged can still influence the present.

As an artist with wood he presents the age old truths in the form of symbols that speak to the soul.

Regarded as an inspirational speaker he in constantly in demand for seminars, retreats and conferences.

He is the author of several books in the popular Wood You Believe series including:

  • "The Unfolding Self"
  • "The Ancestral Self"
  • "The Twinless Self"
His latest publication, "The Spiritual Self – A Spirituality of Healing and Integration", has been highly acclaimed as one of the best contributions to religious journalism in recent times.

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