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Having heard of Marguerite Brady’s extensive knowledge in Holistic Medicine I chose to do my cancer care Reflexology training program with her to ensure my training would be not only an informative and educational experience but a holistic one and boy was I not let down!!!!!.

Her warm welcoming emails before I ever met her made me confident in my choice of school.

Her warmth and welcoming energy continued from the moment she opened the school door to me, right through to her wonderful down to earth, practical yet easy to follow training manual.

It didn’t stop there, I was bowled over with her knowledge and within an hour of being in her presence I felt “2 days isn’t long enough” as I wanted to “pick” her brains all day long.

Marguerite is a very wise, intelligent, down to earth trainer, and made the Cancer Reflexology training program the best workshop that I have ever been on.

The relaxed homely environment and the energy of the School allowed the learning experience to flow with ease.

Her energy and “passion” for what she does shine through with abundance.

Much gratitude to Marguerite for sharing and hosting this wonderful life changing workshop.

I am so looking forward to meeting and treating my Cancer Clients and giving them this life enhancing Reflexology treatment.

Cancer Reflexology Training


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