Liz Walsh-Bugler

Dear Marguerite,

Many thanks for the wonderful course which you gave in Wexford last weekend on Pregnancy Reflexology.

I can honestly say it was the most informative and enjoyable CPD course that I have ever attended.

I came away with extra knowledge and an appreciation of all the wonderful blessings which I have had in my life.

I know that I am really lucky to have my family and as you said with this oncoming snow we will all have a bit more time available for each other.

I'm sure your daughter was delighted to have her Mammy home again.

I would hope to see you again in September to do the Cancer Reflexology Course as it is an area I am particularly interested in as my Mam died from Pancreatic cancer and I wished at the time I could have done more for her.

Thanks again and please God we will meet again in September.

Pregnancy Reflexology Course


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