God Works Through The Innocent In Beautiful Ways.

I was 21 years old, a newly graduated General Nurse working in the Meath Hospital in Dublin. I was on a bus, travelling from Dublin to visit my family in Galway. A lady called Pauline sat beside me on the bus and we got chatting about life in general. She proceeded to share with me that her dear husband was seriously ill in hospital and that she was very worried he would not make a full recovery and return home to her healthy and well.

I asked her to think whether she knew someone who had really holy energy who in her own opinion was someone special, who was tapped into the Divine will and goodness, in a sincere and genuine way. Maybe she knew a holy Priest or Nun or a prayerful neighbour or friend. I invited her to connect with them energetically and draw on their energies every day to help her husband’s recovery. I reassured her that no harm would come to that person, since the gift of life comes from God/ the Divine and She/He pours grace into each person continually each day. Pauline thought this was a magnificent idea and before she got off the bus in Athlone, she asked me for my postal address so she could write to let me know how her husband’s recovery went. I promised to pray for her and her husband and wished her a safe onward journey.

A few months later, I got a card from Pauline, sharing how her husband had made a wonderful recovery and to thank me for all the energy she drew from me. I never realized she was drawing any energy from me and more to the point I had not considered myself a holy person who was close to God. To me this person had to be a priest or a nun. It came as a complete surprise that she decided that there was something special residing in my soul and that she had tapped into the Divine Grace within me and drew it from me to aid her husband’s recovery process. I still smile at my innocence of the ways in which God weaves magnificence and miracles into our lives.

The moral of the story for me was "God works in invisible and beautiful ways" and he sure works through the "innocent souls" like me without their knowing. Thanks be to God for everything and everyone and God Bless everything and everyone. May we all be invisible and beautiful conduits of Divine Grace, Blessings and Healing for all of humanity our families and our communities.

Marguerite Brady


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