Return To Your Softness.

In 1995, a good friend of mine and I took a few months off work in St. Luke’s Hospital to travel to India to work with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We were so excited to be meeting a living, walking, breathing humanitarian Saint. Mother Teresa was the most humble, joyous, charming women I have ever met. She was truly inspirational in every way.

She often chatted with the volunteers and insisted on pouring out our tea for breakfast and ensuring we each had a little Indian banana.

She would at the end of each mass bless each one of us, ask us how many in our family and proceed to give us miraculous medals for each of our family members.

On day by Divine order, I got to chatting with Mother Teresa and I asked her “Mother Teresa, what is the purpose of us being on this planet?” Her response floored me “The most important purpose to being alive, to living, and to giving is to return to your softness. When you are in your softness, all things are possible, all barriers disappear, all aggression leaves you and you are at peace and a peace maker. Only then can you be an instrument for good in the world. When you are in your softness, you are in your greatest strength”.

To me that is the liquid gold of life, to be in ones softness, vulnerable, open and surrendered to the will and might of the Divine in our lives. It is a beautiful invitation since the world offers us the opposite – in order to be strong we need to be hardened, superior, confident, closed and in charge of our lives. I prefer Mother Teresa’s wisdom.

Can you take up the invitation to return to your softness and allow of life come to you and for you to be with all of life in velvet softness, tenderness, and ease?

Marguerite Brady


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