Certified Gift of Unconditional Love. Initiation Workshop starting 28th March. Book now.


  • Gentle Guided Meditation both mornings
  • Explanation on what the Gift of Unconditional Love is
  • How it impacts your DNA while awaking you to the truth of who you are
  • This Initiation is of your Heart, illuminating your presence with love as you become a holy instrument of peace and healing in the world around you and within you
  • A physical initiation into the Gift of Unconditional Love
  • Step by step training in giving the Gift of Unconditional Love healing to another, either present with you or as a distance healing
  • Learning how to give yourself a personal healing every day using a holy mantra / holy affirmations

Cost of the 2-day workshop is €275, which includes materials, instructions, certificate, homemade bread and scones plus light lunch each day.

To book your place on the course: Contact Marguerite on: 086 035 6970 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starting on 28th March 2020. Book your place now!


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