Your Health is Your Wealth
Choose it or lose it !!!

A Fundraiser for
East Galway and Midlands Cancer Centre &
A Partnership with Africa (APA)

Be Enlightened, Inspired, Empowered and Pampered.

"Your Health is Your Wealth Training Day" will upskill each attendee with the following training sessions:

Kinesiology Techniques
to turn on your brain power and your potential

Healing Touch Energy Techniques
to clear all kinds of pain and congestion bring ease, freedom and joy to your body, mind and soul

Chakra Balancing
techniques to weave your mind, body and spirit together creating an inner paradise of ease, joy, total relaxation and bliss

Japanese Hand Holds
to balance, heal, calm, soothe and energise your body meridians and rejuvenate your health on every level of your being

Self-Compassionate Techniques
to deepen your connection with yourself while boosting your moral, confidence and self-contentment

Sound Therapy
and the use of your own voice to unblock and release cellular memories and give your body cell, organs and being a new lease of life

Emotional Resilience Techniques
to safeguard your mental Health and achieve a healthy work/life balance

• How to bring Gratitude and Attitude
to adversity and illness, learn ways to see and seek the blessings in everything while becoming the victor rather than the victim of your own life no matter what life lands on your doorstep

inspirational SPEAKERS

Walk away Upskilled, Empowered and Blessed


We have 5 Amazingly Inspiring, Motivational speakers, all with backgrounds in the both Conventional and Complementary fields of Medicine. Each of these trainers will give you the best of their wisdom, expertise and life experiences plus lots of tips to truly make your health your wealth These include the following:

Stephanie Lyons
Kinesiologist and Healing Touch Therapist from the East Galway and Midlands Cancer Centre and advocate for those with neurological diseases.

Bernadette Hagan
Model of 23 years old and advocate for those with Disabilities. She is a recent Amputee and is uplifting all those around her and world wide with her attitude of Gratitude and motivation to be all you can be no matter your health challenges.

Mary Graham
Sound Therapist and advocate for healing through the use of sound instruments. Mary works with Cancer client and many others with an array of illness, disorders or simply in need of healing through sound.

Marguerite Brady
Founder and Director of the Marguerite Brady College of African Reflexology. She is a General and Cancer Nurse, a therapist of 23 years with over 19 years of teaching in African Reflexology and Holistic therapies.



All proceeds from the day will be donated two very dedicated, hard working and deeply committed Charities, namely East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre in Ballinasloe, who are outreaching to 170 Cancer clients per week. Providing for them all the therapies, counselling and support they need to survive the rigors of cancer treatment yet thrive beyond it to the fullness of life, health and wellbeing. The second Charity is called A Partnership with Africa, which are doing ground breaking human rights work with Domestic workers and Trafficked girls throughout Ethiopia who often return to their villages deeply traumatised and require tremendous support and counselling to rebuild their broken and fragile spirits. For more info on each charities work go onto: apa.ie and www.egmcancersupport.com


Tickets are available from:

Ticket Master, Galway City (091) 761122

Menlo Park Hotel (091) 509960

East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre (0909) 642088

APA Charity Office in Dublin (01) 4064316



Menlo Park Hotel

091 76 1122

091 50 9960
EGM Cancer Centre

0909 642088

About The Charities

East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support

Formed in 2012, is a non-profit charitable organisation which provides a network of psychological, emotional and practical support for those diagnosed with cancer.

EGM volunteers are fully trained and Garda vetted.

We have a Psychotherapist, as well as therapists specialising in complementary treatments working with us on a day-to-day basis.
Our centre would not exist without the commitment and dedication of our staff and amazing volunteers.

Our Centre aims to address the needs of its clients, whatever those needs may be, in a warm, safe, welcoming and confidential way. We can achieve this because many of our volunteers have been through similar experiences and as a result are empathetic to those currently battling with cancer.

The East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support Centre in Brackernagh is a house that has been converted and adapted to provide a safe, warm caring environment to provide both physical, practical and emotional support to cancer patients and their families. The number of people attending weekly has now reached 170+.

All the support we offer is free of charge.

We have also become a member of the ECPC European Cancer Patient Coalition which gives us both a political and medical voice in Europe. We provide a fulltime drop in Centre as well as a 24hour phone service.

We supply a network of emotional and practical support for those diagnosed with cancer, their family and their friends. This is done in a very sensitive manner and confidentiality is assured. There is a wide range of trained therapists who volunteer their time and services to East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support and their service users.

The importance of information giving has been recognized and promoted in political, ethical and professional arenas and this has ultimately resulted in the publication of a vast amount of literature relating to the subject. Which is why we organise special education nights for our support groups, and the wider public, on multiple occasions through the year.

Here at East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support we offer a vast range of complimentary therapies to our clients ranging from; Healing touch, Counselling, Reflexology, Art Classes, Mindfulness, Bio Energy, Reiki, Choir and many more.

We are immensely proud of our facilities here at the Centre. We have 5 rooms across two buildings with three meeting rooms including a room with a projector for our support groups, or for giving informational talks, a transport program for people undergoing Radiotherapy in Galway, three therapy rooms complete with therapy beds, the first gym in Ireland solely for cancer patients, as well as two counselling rooms.

APA - A Partnership with Africa

Founded in 2004 by Spiritan priest, Owen Lambert CSSp and friends from the experiences of work in East Africa, primarily in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

APA in partnership with Africa, creating bridges of human kindness and responsibility between you and those in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

APA aims to work globally in a spirit of partnership with local communities and institutions to facilitate equal access to basic services and empower the most vulnerable people of the world to reach their full potential.

APA has spear-headed awareness in Ireland to the tragic consequences of HIV/AIDS. APA supported an innovative multipurpose response to the pandemic in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zanzibar by promoting partnerships between all sectors of society, religions and communities to cope with the massive loss of young people to pandemic, the growing millions of orphaned children and to support stressed out grandparents trying to care for their grandchildren.

The priority for APA is the rights of women, children and ethnic minorities; to expose the inhumane treatment and exploitation of the most vulnerable people to the awareness of people and students in Ireland. APA is making every effort to raise funds for this work of justice, of basic human rights and is working in partnership with volunteer groups, corporate, other organisation and Irish Aid to do so.

APA in partnership with you is standing up for the rights of domestic workers and trafficked women.

Among the most vulnerable and at risk people in Ethiopia are domestic workers and its estimate to be as many as half a million - many of whom live in bonded labour conditions without freedom or rights. Alongside these are the bar and hotel workers who are often trafficked across the country and to other countries; many of these return home traumatised mentally and emotionally – needing shelter, counselling and confidence to let go of harrowing experiences and slowly rebuild their broken lives.

APA and East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre in partnership with pampering volunteers are working in partnership with each other and with the people and local communities and social structures to mobilise and advocate for their respective people’s rights to health care be it in Ireland or in the Rift Valleys of Ethiopia or Tanzania - the goal is the same, the care and support of the most at risk in our family and communities members.

This fundraising partnership aims to lessen the crushing burden of Cancer in Mid-West Ireland and to promote the rights of enslaved domestic workers and trafficked women in Ethiopia. We must address these challenges, lest we dehumanise ourselves because we are responsible to relieve the crushing burden of cancer and work for the rights and freedom of these oppressed women.



The Menlo Park Hotel

Menlo Park Hotel & Conference Centre
Terryland, Headford Road, Galway, Ireland
Co. Galway, IRELAND


T: +353 (091) 76 1122

Support this cause

All the Volunteer Pampering team serving freely and Menlo Park Hotel, Headford Road, Galway freely providing facilities for this event on 13 October 2019 from 10am – 5pm.

All of you attending are making an invaluable contribution to the East Galway and Midlands Cancer Centre, Aughrim Road, Ballinasloe and to APA’s work in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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