Marguerite Brady.

20 years of experience.
"The Master in the art of living makes little distinction between her work and her play, her labour and her leisure, her mind and her body, her information and her creation, her love and her spirituality.
She hardly knows which is which.
She simply pursues her vision of excellence at whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing.
To her she is always doing both."
- L.P. Jacks

Marguerite Brady.

Qualified Nurse.

After qualifying as a General Nurse specialising in Cancer Care, Marguerite went onto travel the world as a Nurse and therapist working in India, Australia, Africa, and Ireland.

Her dedication to those in need led to her working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1995.

She has also worked as a volunteer for an Irish Charity APA in both Ethiopia and Tanzania advocating the rights of women and children.

Marguerite Brady.

Natural Medicine Practitioner.

Marguerite began her training in Natural Medicine 1993 while continuing to work as a respected Cancer Nurse.

She passionately dedicated herself to become a highly practised and qualified practitioner in several healing modalities including Ki Massage, Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology (both Classical and Universal), Reiki, Shamanism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Life & Career Coaching.

Marguerite Brady.

Natural Medicine Teacher.

Marguerite Brady is a deeply knowledgeable therapist and trainer.

In 2001, Marguerite set up The Marguerite Brady College of African Reflexology and Integrative Medicine.

She has been teaching and mentoring students and postgraduates for the past 18 years and has 29 years of combined experience in Clinical Orthodox Medicine along side her extensive training and professional experience in the fields of Holistic/Complementary Medicine.

Marguerite’s passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her students is second to none and she delivers all her courses in a kind, encouraging and confidence building way for each and every student.

It is deepest wish that she will continue to teach, mentor, inspire and support all those who enter her classrooms both in Ireland and worldwide.

Marguerite Brady.


Marguerite Brady is a natural healer and advocate for living an ethical life of honesty, integrity, and truth.

Testimonials speak volumes indicating that Marguerite has a natural capacity to facilitate those who are in need of healing and down to earth, factually inspiring trainer.

She is an exceptionally precision-based therapist and tutor expecting her students to follow her example by becoming ethical, safe practitioners with inquiring minds.

In essence, Marguerite is a visionary, a pioneer, a conduit for Divine Blessings and a channel for St. Brigid.


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