Marguerite Brady.

African Reflexology.

The Origins.

Hello, my name is Marguerite Brady.

I started my career in Holistic therapies in the early 1990’s.

I was working as a General Nurse when I commenced my training in Classical Reflexology in Dublin.

Although the course was wonderfully well delivered and enjoyable, I knew intuitively there had to be more to feet.

It was on the night of my graduation that a lady suggested that I contact a woman called Chris Stormer, who was pioneering a new type of reflexology referred to as Universal Technique Reflexology.

I duly contacted Chris and for the next year of my career as a Classical Reflexologist she coached me via email on ways to work with clients and most especially how to address what I was observing and noticing on the feet of clients.

She was so encouraging and supportive, inviting me onto her last teacher-training program in Universal Technique in London.

Off I went and trained with Chris, and what a superb trainer she was too.

Upon my return to Ireland, I was so enthusiastic about this wonderful new form of Reflexology that I travelled to South Africa and did additional training with one of Chris Stormer’s former teachers named Aurora, who lived in Durban.

When I got back from South Africa, I choose to blend the best of Classical Reflexology with the best of the Universal Technique Reflexology.

Subsequently, over the course of many years of private practice I continued blending these two wonderful forms of Reflexology and eventually created my own unique form of Reflexology known as African Reflexology.

I have been teaching this wonderful, effective technique in Ireland since 2002 and for the past 16 years I have revised, upgraded African Reflexology training techniques, based on feedback from private clients, students and from 100’s of graduates of the College who are now in private practice worldwide.

What is African Reflexology?

African Reflexology is a gentler form of Reflexology in which the therapist works both feet together.

The intention behind African Reflexology is to bring all the scattered aspects of a person back into the core of their being so that they can experience wholeness again in a completely new way.

Frequently clients have reported it as being "supremely comforting" on one hand and "outright bliss" on the other hand.

Many students have shared that they came to learn African Reflexology and surprisingly found "themselves" again and lots more besides.

Universal Technique which Chris Stormer pioneered has a foot analysis/sole reading aspect included in the training.

For me it is more a life coaching aspect which helps each student or their potential clients understand what are their greatest strengths, their greatest growth areas or what we call our challenges!

The feet reveal how we think, feel about ourselves, how we deliver or go about our daily activities, how we communicate with others and what roles we take on within our families. The feet reveal where we hold our emotions, the direction of life purpose and whether we see life as an adventure or an obligation to others.

African Reflexology has a beautiful reflective aspect to it too.

It invites you to get in touch with your own inner wisdom, your intuitive self, your own soul/spirit. By working with practices during the course you will deepen into the knowingness of yourself and of your own spiritual self.

It will take you to places inside your own heart where wisdom is revealed, where surrender is a blessing and where peace is ever lasting.

It’s that place within your being where you feel truly at "home with you".

African Reflexology is taught from the highest level of integrity, honesty, ease and professionalism.

Each student is treated with absolute respect while being given the best care possible from every other trainee reflexologist.

Each student group is kept small with a max of 12 per group allowing each student to get the best possible support both in classroom and between classes.

The classes are full of laughter, fun and lightness while the best of material is delivered to your mind, and to your entire being.

The Course.

The course is designed to weave with great gentleness all the healing medicine you need to reach your full potential while encouraging you to live the life that you were born to live.

Most of you will come on this program to intending to assist others in your world to experience healing and wellbeing and this course will deliver on this in terms of skill sets development and practices that you can share with your clients or family and friends.

However, I designed this course to assist YOU in becoming far more than you ever thought possible, a beacon of light for others to sprout their own magnificent wings and fly their own brightly coloured kites through their own life adventures.

One thing the course truly delivers on is bring together like minded souls who will inspire and motivate you especially on the harder days. You will make lifelong friends/fellow practitioners and at the end of the training you will not want to leave!

African Reflexology is for you!

  • If you want to learn Reflexology at the highest level of training with one of Ireland's most respected and experienced trainers, then this course is for you!
  • If you want to learn Reflexology with a precision based, attention to detail trainer, then Marguerite Brady is the trainer for you
  • If you want to grow yourself spiritually and personally, while accessing your inner self through meditation, energy exercises, intention setting, lively class sharing and discussions, then this College is for you!
  • If you want to have access to all the wisdom and knowledge on Reflexology - both Classical and African and have all your questions answered instantly. This College and trainer are for you!
  • If you value lightness, laughter and fun as part of your training then this College is for you
  • If you want to be always welcomed, embraced and supported throughout your training both in the college and at home, this college and Marguerite Brady is for you
  • This course is life changer in so many ways and you will be a totally different person at the end of the training program than when you come in
If your heart is jumping for joy, your mind is alive with possibility and your body wants to be healed, nurtured and revitalised while you learn then APPLY NOW and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.


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