Spiritual Healing "Fields of Grace" continuing on 20 November 2019

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Spiritual Healing "Fields of Grace" continuing on:

20 November 2019, 9am - 6pm

Course Details:

Start: 9 November 2019 (Saturday) Introductory Day

Duration: 4 days in total (started 9 November), to follow on 20 November, 27 November, 4 December

Cost: €250, Introductory Fee of €100 applies

Venue: St. Brigid's Fields of Grace Holistic and Retreat Centre, 29 Ard Breeda, Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland

Spaces: Limited to 8 people maximum


The focus of the day:

"A Day of Self Healing, Replenishment and Renewal."


Spiritual School dedicated to second journey of our lives where we choose to travel to higher ground, higher learning and higher consciousness.

The Contents of the day:

  • Gentle Energy Exercises
  • Meditation channelled by St. Brigid of Ireland
  • Gentle Hand Holds to alleviate worry, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, grief and overwhelm
  • Gentle healing holds for grounding, positivity, motivation laughter and ease
  • Discussion on the second journey of your life - the journey from the head to the heart, why this journey is essential for you to move from the exterior world of survival, thriving and material success to your interior world of softness, acceptance, peace, non judgement and sacred union
  • Introduction to your Field of Grace which surrounds your body and influences your health and wellbeing in a very subtle yet most effective ways
  • A discussion and demonstration on the Laying on of Hands and how you can do the laying on of hands on yourself every day at home
  • Chakra balancing


Light lunch and refreshments included.

The are a number of Cafes and Delis locally who provide a wide range of lunches, soups, sandwiches and wraps to meet all your lunch requirements. Lunches vary in price from €6.99 to €10.99.


There are a lot of AirBnB places available in Loughrea. We would recommend a place called Woodfield also avaiable on AirBnB, as it is near the Centre. There are many local B&Bs to choose from, as well as the Loughrea Hotel and Spa which is only 5 minutes drive from the Centre.


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Spiritual Healing "Fields of Grace" November 2019 Introductory Fee | 100 EUR | Payment Fee +3 %
marguerite brady


Marguerite Brady has always been a deeply Spiritual, Soulful person whose career has spanned over 30 years in the world of Orthodox Medicine and Natural Medicine.
She was always drawn to the Spiritual needs of her patients as a nurse in both General and Cancer Nursing.

This Spiritual thread was a priority in her healing practice and in her teaching practice.

She now knows its the time to bring her vast Spiritual experience to the fore and share it with people all over the world so that they too can begin the second and most important journey to their own interior and find all the answers and wisdom they are seeking for their lives.

Marguerite is a deeply honest, kind, caring and woman of integrity, who inspires all those around her and in her class rooms. She looks forward with great joy to welcoming you to this day of Self Healing, Replenishment and Renewal.


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