Starting 18th September 2021

9am - 5pm, Loughrea

The Intention.

Is to provide a sacred space in which a person with no previous experience in healing can begin to explore the depths of their own soul, spirit, mind, body and world in a safe and deeply loving way.

The Course.

The course is designed to teach each person all the steps they need to come "home" to themselves while learning multiple Spiritual Healing techniques to heal themselves and facilitate healing in others.

Course Dates.

  • Sep 18th and 19th (Module 1)
  • Oct 16th and 17th (Module 2)
  • Nov 13th and 14th (Module 3)
  • Dec 11th - continuous assessment of section one (Module 4)
  • Jan 15th and 16th (Module 5)
  • Feb 12th and 13th (Module 6)
  • Mar 12th and 13th (Module 7)
  • Apr 9nd and 10th (Module 8)
  • May 14th and 15th (Module 9)

Marguerite Brady.

Marguerite Brady has always been a deeply Spiritual, Soulful person whose career has spanned over 30 years in the world of Orthodox Medicine and Natural Medicine. She was always drawn to the Spiritual needs of her patients as a nurse in both General and Cancer Nursing. This Spiritual thread was a priority in her healing practice and in her teaching practice. She now knows its the time to bring her vast Spiritual experience to the fore and share it with people all over the world so that they too can begin the second and most important journey to their own interior and find all the answers and wisdom they are seeking for their lives. Marguerite is a deeply honest, kind, caring and woman of integrity, who inspires all those around her and in her class rooms. She looks forward with great joy to welcoming you to this day of Self Healing, Replenishment and Renewal.


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