Virtual African Foot or Hand Reflexology

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African Foot or Hand Reflexology

What is African Foot or Hand Reflexology


It is the gentle art and science of using your fingers and thumbs to activate the various body and organ reflex points located on the hands or feet. Essentially all your body parts and organs are reflected onto the hands and feet and by gifting yourself a virtual African hand or foot reflexology treatment, you will receive many positively health and wellbeing benefits. These benefits include improved physical health and wellbeing, mental clarity and focus, calm and uplifting thoughts, emotional balanced and ease, better sleep, a spring in your step with lots more energy and a whole range of other benefits. What is unique and beautiful about African Reflexology is that both of your feet are reflexed/worked on at the same time which makes it a soothing, uplifting and balancing treatment. The hands are completed one at a time yet are equally as comforting and revitalising as the feet. During an African Hand or Foot Reflexology each section of the hands and feet are worked out physically using a caterpillar movement. This is followed by a healing technique to heal your  emotional health and wellbeing. Finally the reflexes on your hands or feet are illuminated with Divine white light, love and blessings.


How it works


You can book at session online and tell me what is your upmost health challenge at this time and what outcome you would be hoping for. You will pick a time and date suits you best and you will book these details into my calendar of available appointments. I will energetically connect with your lovely hands or feet and carry out a virtual treatment for you. I would recommend where possible that you be sitting or lying down for the hour so that you can connect with me as I carry out the treatment on your feet or hands and enjoy all the lovely relaxing benefits of the treatment. Afterwards I will email you my findings.


How to choose the treatment that suits you best


I would like to help you decide which is the best treatment for you to best support your health and wellbeing at this time. African Hand Reflexology is a wonderful treatment for those of you who have heart related issues going on at this time. Be it grief, sadness, loneliness, feelings of isolation, stress, anxiety about your own health and wellbeing or that of a loved one. African Hand Reflexology is wonderful for the mind, mental health challenges, every day stress and wonderful to quill negative thinking as well clearing outdated beliefs, old wounding and those stories that keep going around the merry go round of your mind. African Hand Reflexology is hugely beneficial for those who have heart related conditions such as a rapid heartbeat, or a slow heartbeat, angina, blood pressure, heart failure or those with a previous history of a heart attack. African Hand Reflexology is wonderful for healing upper body complaints, helps with breathing or lung challenges, shoulder and neck complaints, hand and arm issues, facial disorders and as well as headaches, migraines, as well as a busy mind that cannot switch off, rest or sleep.


African Foot Reflexology is excellent if you are dealing with issues at the very core of your being that impacts negatively on your mind, body and spirit. These core issues unravel your sense of belong, unearth you in such a way that you may not feel grounded, centred and peaceful in yourself. African Foot Reflexology is wonderful for help to resolve family related baggage that needs to be let go, financial stress, feelings of being unsupported, stifled creativity, rejection of oneself, body image and self-confidence. African Foot Reflexology is wonderful to balance the digestive system, boost the clearing of the bowel, increase proper kidney function, help with reproductive and pelvic disharmonies while freeing out the lower limbs and the feet.


Cost per session:


Is €50 (Special Introductory Offer for the month of July) which includes your treatment and an email with my findings.

Virtual Treatment | 50 EUR | Payment Fee +3 %

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